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You are an agri-food producer and you want to automatize your production, bottling or labelling line? Elnova is your solution.

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From planning to commissioning and implementing your automatic production line, a project manager will accompany and advise you in your equipment’s choice and installation. Our expertise will ensure you an efficient and optimal production.

The largest selection of equipment for your line automatization in Canada.

From tipper bins to packing machines, from pressing to brewing, vinification, filtering, bottling, labelling, temperature control, barrel cleaning and all other tasks that can be performed by a machine, we offer a large choice of quality equipment thus respecting the product quality you are looking for.

Our providers, from all over the world, are carefully selected to meet all your needs and offer only the best products on the market.

Elnova, your ally for a worry-free production

Our expertise extends beyond equipment sales and planning. Elnova also offers all parts and products brand repair and maintenance service.

Your performance is our passion.

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