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Juice, beverages and other food goods production

Elnova, your ultimate success provider

You are an agri-food producer and you are looking for efficient production equipment for your juices, beverages and other products?

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Elnova is your solution.

From planning to developing your production line, a project manager will accompany and advise you in the choice and the installation of your equipment. Our expertise will ensure you an efficient and optimal production.

The largest selection of juices, beverages and other food goods production equipment and accessories in Canada.

Le plus vaste choix au Canada d’équipement et accessoires pour la production de jus, boissons et autres produits alimentaires

From fruit juices to vinegar, gin, vodka, whisky, mead, blueberry, strawberry or pear wine, and the processing of other fruits such as sea buckthorn berries, we offer the complete range of equipment for the quality of products you are looking for.

Our providers, from all over the world, are carefully selected to meet all your needs and offer the best products on the market.

Elnova, your ally for a worry-free production

Our expertise extends beyond equipment sale and planning. Elnova also offers all parts and all product brands repair and maintenance service.

Your performance is our passion.

Choose your equipment!

Elnova beverages

Complete vinification equipment provider

Elnova has the largest beverage production machines and accessories inventory in America. Discover our complete range of products

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Versatile and efficient repair service

Our expertise extends to the maintenance of your equipment. We repair parts and machines of all brands. Put us to the challenge!

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Production lines expert technician

The Elnova team knows its products and masters its operating. An expert is available from the planning to the installation of your equipment.

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