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Distilling equipment and accessories

Discover our innovative and high-performance machines and equipment. We import and assemble all spirit production equipment onsite. From its bottling line to its specialized accessories, Elnova has a complete inventory that will meet your needs while exceeding your expectations of quality.

A growing market

Always attentive to its customers' needs, Elnova recently added the equipment and accessories needed for all hard liquor production. Thanks to our wide selection, we can equip both microdistilleries and large-scale producers. Come visit our impressive showroom to find everything you need.

Elnova, a partner of choice for your spirit production

We use suppliers from around the world who we’ve carefully hand-picked to meet all your needs and to offer you the best distilling equipment on the market. Our expertise extends beyond equipment planning and sales. Elnova can also repair and service all the equipment brands it offers.

Elnova, partner in your success

Our teams are trained and certified by our European manufacturing partners. Whether you need us to install or perform maintenance on your distilling equipment, we provide the best service to maximize your performance.

Spirits, a budding passion

Involved in various associations and groups of brewers, wine makers, cider makers, distillers and food processors, we want to contribute to the growth of these different industries by being active in such groups, in order to always be up to date on the latest trends and to help you benefit from them.

Distilling equipment


Bottling is an important phase of your product’s production since the quality relies on it. Therefore, we offer bottling, sealing, capping and rising machines from manufacturers who are experts in the field.

Discover the equipment you need for cleaning, rinsing, filling and closing all your products (beer, cider, wine, kombucha, juice, alcohol…) We offer manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines to ensure you obtain the pace you need for cleaning, bottling and closing your bottles.

We offer GAI, TENCO and MORI T.E.M bottling machines. The ELNOVA technical team does the tests, the adjustments, the commissioning and the maintenance in order to ensure your project’s success.

Canning Systems

Canning machines allow you to fill your beer or cider cans in addition to treat your aluminum cans. They allow to control the weight in order to ensure constant levels. These canning machines are equipped with a system that minimizes the dissolved oxygen during filling and closing. The canning machines are tailor-made to meet all your needs.



Labelling is a complex part of production since there are as many labels and bottle sizes as there are producers.

We offer a variety of semi-automatic or automatic labelling machines for labels and back labels on bottles or cans. They can affix self-adhesive and cold glue labels.

We offer GAI, ENOS and CDA labelling machines. The ELNOVA technical team does the tests, the adjustments, the commissioning and the maintenance in order to ensure your project’s success.

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Elnova's team has selected the best equipment from its best suppliers, offering you state-of-the-art equipment and accessories to distill top-shelf spirits.

Laboratoire Dujardin-Salleron Amorim Eaton GAI Hanna instruments Sparflex Speidel Verallia APE ABE Beverage Equipment CDa Kreyer MOOG Pillan Enos Tardito

Our services

We've gathered a team of passionate people to support you in every step of your production process. We are proud to contribute to your success by offering personalized advice and drawing on our extensive knowledge of the various production types, equipment and their installation.

Equipment rental

Need equipment for a short period of time? We offer a convenient, hassle-free equipment rental service. Enjoy Elnova’s best solutions at an affordable cost.


Our electromechanics are trained to work on food equipment. From designing to servicing and repairing your production line, we make sure your equipment is operating at its full potential.


Our certified, internationally renowned oenologist has a degree in chemistry and specializes in filtration processes. She travelled the world to work in different wineries and now offers her expertise to help you.


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