Bottling is an important phase of your product’s production since the quality relies on it. Therefore, we offer bottling, sealing, capping and rising machines from manufacturers who are experts in the field.

Discover the equipment you need for cleaning, rinsing, filling and closing all your products (beer, cider, wine, kombucha, juice, alcohol…) We offer manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines to ensure you obtain the pace you need for cleaning, bottling and closing your bottles.

We offer GAI, TENCO and MORI T.E.M bottling machines. The ELNOVA technical team does the tests, the adjustments, the commissioning and the maintenance in order to ensure your project’s success.

The Bag-in-box machines allow you to fill bags of 1 to 30 litres of any type of product (juice, wine, cider…)

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Corking machines allow to seal wine or cider bottles with a cork (agglomerated cork stopper or twin top stopper.) Manual, semi-automatic or automatic corkers are available. Their pace can be adapted to fit your production needs.

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Cappers allow you to affix various types of caps on your bottles. We offer manual, pneumatic, thermal cappers as well as semi-automatic and automatic crimpers.

The cappers can affix 26 to 29 mm stainless steel or steel caps on bottles containing carbonated products or on bottles used for traditional method (champenoise method).

Thermal cappers allow you to place retractable caps on bottles by using a heating system that allows to heat the cap before fixing it on the cork stopper.

Crimpers allow to put screw-on caps on bottles with screw-on closing. The crimpers can be custom-made in order to accommodate your bottles.

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Wire cage applicators allow you to affix the wire cages on sparkling wine, champagne or beer bottles. The wire cage applicators also allow you to tighten the wire cages.

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Th rinsing machines we offer are manual, semi-automatic or automatic and they allow you to rinse the inside of the bottles with a filtered water stream. The rinsing machines can have one or two cycles, depending on the need (water or air). We offer models with 4, 10 or 20 spouts to offer you the desired rinsing pace.

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Automatic filling machines allow you to fill your bottles with any type of product, carbonated or still (beer, cider, wine, kombucha, juice, alcohol…)The GAI filling monoblock will rinse, deaerate, fill, inject gas and seal with corks, screw caps or by capping. A turret head will allow several types of sealing depending on your needs. The automatic fillers can be adapted to your production pace and can be used with all types of bottles.

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Semi-automatic fillers offer 1 to 6 spouts with a rate of 100 bottles per hour/per spout and allow to fill your bottles with still products via manual filling, gravity flow or vacuum filling. We also offer counter-pressure fillers to fill carbonated products such as beer and volumetric filling machines for juices and other products.

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