Semi-Automatic 10 Spout Rinser

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This semi-automatic rinser allows internal rinsing of new bottles, without getting the exterior wet, with filtered water through a 0,45 µm filtering cartridge. It can also be used for wine bottle rinsing for a recyclable solution and as a sterilized air blower. This machine is equipped with a bottle presence sensor to control the jet. Its capacity is around 750 b/h. It is able to work with glass and plastic bottles.


Filtering Cartridge

Technical Specificities

Production: 750 bottles / hour
Size: 67 cm x 67 cm x 75cm
Weight: 64 kg
Consumption: 40 - 50 Liters of water / hour
Bottles volume: 330 ml to 2000 ml
Electrical voltage: 240 V - 60 Hz single-phased.
Code: RIN10


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