1 Cage Gyropalette

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The machines consist of a fixed frame mounted on a mobile frame. This frame is articulated at the extremities and can move 90° thanks to the inclination gear motor and cog. The 90° stroke is controlled by two end of stroke notches activated by the cam. In the center of the mobile frame, the basket is mounted on a ring gear, through the rotation device motor, allowing it to turn 360°. The cage, previously filled with bottles, is inserted in the basket. Two guides help position the cage on the base of the basket. On the mobile frame, in certain cases, a vibrating "optional" device can be mounted. The machines are surrounded at the back and on the sides by specific protection devices. The front access is not authorized thanks to a sign and a simple chain, fixed to the safety micro switch. However, it is possible to request "optional" photoelectrical gates. On one side of the apparatus, there is a mounted control panel, ready to be placed in various positions. At the base of the fixed frame, there are levellers allowing to level the machines insuring the necessary stability.


Additional cage

Technical Specificities

Size: (L/w/h in mm): 1900/2400/2100
Code: GYROP1


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