Labelling is a complex part of production since there are as many labels and bottle sizes as there are producers.

We offer a variety of semi-automatic or automatic labelling machines for labels and back labels on bottles or cans. They can affix self-adhesive and cold glue labels.

We offer GAI, ENOS and CDA labelling machines. The ELNOVA technical team does the tests, the adjustments, the commissioning and the maintenance in order to ensure your project’s success.

Automatic labelling equipment allows to affix a label and a back label on round, square or oval-shaped bottles. Automatic labelling machines can also be adapted to affix labels on customized bottles. The automatic labelling machine models also allow to put tamper-proof labels, bottle hangers, and medallions or wraparounds on your bottles. These machines offer a 500 to 10 000 bottles per hour capacity in order to keep up with your production pace.

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Semi-automatic labelling equipment allows to affix a label and a back label on your bottles by placing them on the labelling machine. The semi-automatic labelling machines can label up to 500 bottles per hour.

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Bottle cleaning machines allow to clean the outside of the bottles in order to reuse them. We offer models that can clean between 400 and 10 000 bottles per hour.

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