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Oenological & Laboratory Products - Deacidifiers


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A good wine must reach an ideal acidity corresponding to the drinker's taste, but a minimal acidity is necessary for wine preservation.

Oenological & Laboratory Products - Enzymes
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The use of enzymes simplifies the fruit extraction, clarification, and filtration. Limpidity, due to the use of enzymes, is the key to modern fruit cultivation.

Oenological & Laboratory Products - Stabilizers
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These product ranges and processes are active fining agents during the clarification and/or stabilization of a beverage. The products used in winemaking and fruit juice production are nearly identical.

Oenological & Laboratory Products - Acidifiers
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For more than a decade, the pH of wines has been on the rise, primarily attributed to the effects of climate change. This trend raises significant concerns among oenologists, as acidity serves as a critical factor in limiting bacterial development and preserving the organoleptic qualities of wines.

 Oenological & Laboratory Products - Antioxydants
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Ascorbic acid, commonly known as vitamin C, occurs naturally in grapes and must at levels of approximately 50 mg/L. This potent antioxidant, when added to wine, swiftly reacts with the available oxygen, transforming it into oxygenated water. During the harvest, it plays a crucial role by depriving polyphenol-oxidative enzymes (such as tyrosinase and laccase), of the oxygen they require, thus safeguarding the must from oxidation. Ascorbic acid is frequently employed during the bottling process to prevent oxidative shocks, often referred to as "bottle sickness." Additionally, it effectively shields wines from the adverse effects of blue casse and oxidative pinking in white wines.

Oenological & Laboratory Products - Yeasts
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To assist in optimizing your fermentations, we offer you a wide array of yeast selections, each tailored to diverse objectives and crafted for a vast range of products. However, as the summertime warmth has been soaring steadily in recent years, the protein content of vineyard soils has significantly risen, resulting in a decrease in nitrogen availability.

Oenological & Laboratory Products - Shavings

Oak Chips

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