Horizontal Press 6hL

New Product


This press is equipped with a compressor and a flexible and soft membrane allowing to press grape clusters and destemmed grapes. The control panel has a preprogrammed automaton with 7 work cycles whose duration may be customized and all work processes can also be manually controlled. It can be loaded through one or several doors or by a central one. The press tank is fully closed which limits the product oxidization while guaranteeing a very high quality of must. The must outflow goes through drains and through the perforated loading door. The press as well as the chest are mounted on wheels to facilitate mobility and emptying. A security wire is tensioned around the cage which stops the press as soon as it is taut.

Technical Specificities

Size (L/w/h in mm): 2000/1100/1300
Weight (in kg): 365
Motor (in KW): 2,2
Code: PHP6


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