Peristaltic Pump, with hopper



In peristaltic pumps, the product is transferred by progressive compression of a hose pipe by rollers. Alternate compression and relaxation of the pipe creates a vacuum at the intake thus allowing continuous fow of product.

Main features: the main features of the pump are: complete transfer of product, possibility of transferring heterogeneous products containing suspended solid particles, high self-priming power, absence of contact between product transferred and the mechanical parts, possibility of fow reversal, no problem in the event of operation without product, precision of product dosing thanks to an inverter which allows continuous regulation of fow rate. With electronic fow rate regulation by means of inverter, connections, AISI 316 stainless steel compensation chambers and pressure switch.

Use: peristaltic pumps are ideal for use in the agro-food sector, as all the parts in contact with the product to be pumped are made of stainless steel or natural rubber.

These pumps are particularly suitable for pumping whole grapes,crushed grapes, must, wine, marc, sparkling wine, vinegar, fruit pulp, vegetable pulp, fruit juice, vegetable juice, minced meat, preserves, milk and milk products, tomatoes, oil, purée, mayonnaise, etc.


Radio remote control
A feeding hopper equipped with an auger and an agitator, or with an auger only, is available to allow the peristaltic pump to be fed with heterogeneus fluids which are difcult to be sucked directly.

Technical Specificities

Connexion: Tri-clamp 60 à 120 mm mm
Flow : 20 à 750 Hectoliter/h
Code : PPERT


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