Peristaltic Pump Z-PE 65

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Peristaltic pumps are the most appropriate ones for wine and crushed grapes transfer and mashed, dregs and other food products also. Guarantee a linear pumping, limited crushing and no product heating at all. The lack of sluice gates ensures the passage of any solid with extreme ease. The product is in contact with the tube only. The tube remains in part regularly pressed and relaxed, allowing the product to be pushed.


Electronic speed regulator in the reversers. Controls on the remote control and panel [Forward / backward, on / off and speed]
Self priming up to 7 meters depth
Maximum service pressure: 6 bar (with vacuuming system up to 15 bar)
Reversible flow
No tube lubrication needed. The rubber tube is lubricated during the machine manufacturing process
Friction reducing aluminum rolls that extend the tube lifespan.
Incoming and outgoing receivers to avoid the "beating" of the product
Optional manometer
Optional hoppers
Continuous vacuum system ( Optional ) to increase the range.

Technical Specificities

Pressure: Max 6 bar
Flow: 70 - 250 Hl/H
Outlet: 65 Ø
Size: 13000x700x1300 mm
Weight: 195 kg
Motor: 4 Kw
Code: PP4


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