Screw pumps, with hopper



Screw pumps belong to the rotating displacement pump category. All screw pumps with hopper, have a level probe. However, the pumps should not be allowed to run dry owing to lack of fuid

Use: screw pumps are particularly suitable for use in the agricultural-food production sector since all the parts that contact the pumped fuid are made of stainless steel or natural rubber.

These pumps are particularly suitable for pumping: grapes, must, wine, grape marc, wine sediment, fruit pulp, vegetable pulp, fruit juice, vegetable juice, ground meat, preserves, milk and its by-products, tomatoes, oil, jam, marmalade, olive paste, puree, mayonnaise, acids, adhesives, hand-cleanser paste, detergents, cosmetic products, etc.


Radio remote control
Electronic flow regulator

Technical Specificities

Connexion: Tri-clamp 80 at 120 mm
Flow : 3,5 at 66 Tons-h
Code : PMOU


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