Screw pumps, without hopper


Screw pumps, without hopper



Screw pumps belong to the rotating displacement pump category. All screw pumps have a thermal probe on the stator that allows the pump to stop if it reaches temperatures liable to damage the stator itself. However, the pumps should not be allowed to run dry owing to lack of fuid.

Use: screw pumps are particularly suitable for use in the agricultural-food production sector since all the parts that contact the pumped fuid are made of stainless steel or natural rubber.

These pumps are particularly suitable for pumping: grapes, must, wine, grape marc, wine sediment, fruit pulp, vegetable pulp, fruit juice, vegetable juice, ground meat, preserves, milk and its by-products, tomatoes, oil, jam, marmalade, olive paste, puree, mayonnaise, acids, adhesives, hand-cleanser paste, detergents, cosmetic products, etc.


Electronic flow regulator
Radio remote control

Technical Specificities

Connexion : Tri-clamp 30 at 120 mm
Flow : 0,1 at 60 Tons/h
Code : PQC


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