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Cask cleaning machine. The integrated injection system produces high pressure. You must turn over and drain the cask. Ideal for tasks involving a compressed air motor used to drive the cleaning head. By eliminating the electrical drive, safety is significantly increased and speed rotation is variable.


Tank cleaning support
Various pressures heads available (See picture)
Protection basket
Tightening support

Technical Specificities

Stainless steel
Compressed air drive
Cleaning without electrical connection
Light weight
Easy maintenance
360° cleaning
Max water flow: 30 to 200 L/min
Max work pressure: 70 to 250 bar
Rotation speed: 10 to 20 rev/min
Weight: 5 to 20 Kg
Number of nozzles: 2 to 4
Rod length: 200 to 4000 mm
Water connection: 3/8"
Code: Série A


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