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This sealing machine is perfect to limit your boxes handling. You will only have to form your boxes, fill them and push them into the machine. The box is drawn in by two tapes on the side and two rolls of adhesive tape (top and bottom) will seal your box. The height and width adjustment is easily adjustable as well as the adhesive tape replacement.


Possibility of a security perimeter with a protective cage.
Expandable and flexible conveyor.
Motorized conveyor
In-feed table

Technical Specificities

2 lateral drive belts.
Feed speed: 21 m / min.
Box width: 130 to 500 mm.
Box length: minimum 150 mm.
Box height: 130 to 550 mm.
Table height: adjustable 550 mm to 750 mm.
Adhesive tape diameter 410 mm maximum.
Code: SC500M


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